2017/12/29(Thu.)Diffuse to fuse sensors

Friday December 22nd, 2017

Title:Diffuse to fuse sensors Speaker:Hau-tieng Wu, M.D., Ph.D.(Associate Professor Department of Mathematics , Department of Statistical Science Duke University) Time:2017/12/29/(Fri.)  10:00-10:50 Location:Room SA223, Science Bldd. 1., NCTU Abstract: Understanding the intrinsic structure from a given massive dataset, which is [繼續閱讀]

2017/06/13 15:30-16:20 Recent Works on Design of Experiments

Wednesday June 7th, 2017

Title:Recent Works on Design of Experiments Speaker: Dr. Dennis K.J. Lin University Distinguished Professor, Penn State University, USA Time:106/6/13(Tues.) 15:30-16:20 Location:Room 427, Assembly Building, NCTU Abstract Computer models are often used to describe complicated physical [繼續閱讀]

2017/1/13 (Fri.) 11:10-12:00 A Framework for making better predictions by directly estimating Variables’ Predictivity

Wednesday January 4th, 2017

Lectures:A Framework for making better predictions  by directly estimating Variables’  Predictivity Spearker:Professor Shaw-Hwa Lo (羅小華教授) Introduction:Columbia University (美國哥倫比亞大學) Time & Place:2017/1/13(Fri.) 11:10-12:00 4F-427, Assembly Building I , NCTU(國立交通大學綜一館427) Abstract: In our last paper, we showed that significant [繼續閱讀]

2016/12/13 (Tue.) 11:10-12:00 Statistics for Internet of Things

Tuesday November 29th, 2016

Lectures:Statistics for Internet of Things Spearker:Prof. Dennis K.J. Lin Introduction:The Pennsylvania State University Distinguished Professor of Statistics Time & Place:2016/12/13(Tue.)11:10-12:00 , 3F-303, Assembly Building I , NCTU Abstract: After noting the relative absence of statisticians from [繼續閱讀]

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