2017/12/29(Thu.)Diffuse to fuse sensors

TitleDiffuse to fuse sensors

Speaker:Hau-tieng Wu, M.D., Ph.D.(Associate Professor Department of Mathematics , Department of Statistical Science Duke University)

Time:2017/12/29/(Fri.)  10:00-10:50

Location:Room SA223, Science Bldd. 1., NCTU


Understanding the intrinsic structure from a given massive dataset, which is often nonlinear and complex, is a common challenge shared in almost all scientific fields, and the problem is becoming more challenging when the data are from multiple sensors with heterogenous data types. The diffusion geometry is a flexible framework that has led to several convincing results with solid theoretical backup. We will discuss how to apply the diffusion geometry, particularly the common manifold model and alternating diffusion, to deal with the sensor fusion problem. Its application to the sleep dynamics analysis will be shown.

Organizer:Big Data Research Center and Department of Applied Mathematics,NCTU