2016/12/13 (Tue.) 11:10-12:00 Statistics for Internet of Things

Lectures:Statistics for Internet of Things

Spearker:Prof. Dennis K.J. Lin

Introduction:The Pennsylvania State University Distinguished Professor of Statistics

Time & Place:2016/12/13(Tue.)11:10-12:00 , 3F-303, Assembly Building I , NCTU


After noting the relative absence of statisticians from the community of practice engaged with big data, we explain what is big data, how it’s done, and explore the post-BigData era on “Internet of Thing” (IoT). Statisticians have much more to contribute in both the intellectual vitality and the practical utility of big data. At the same time, big data challenges statisticians to move out of some familiar habits to engage less structured problems, to become more comfortable with ambiguity, and to engage computer scientists in a more fruitful discussion of what the various parties can bring to this new mode of investigation. One particular focus is about Auto-Statistics. We also propose some potential directions for future research.

Big Data Research Center, NCTU
Institute of Statistics, NCTU
Institute of Statistics, NTHU