2017/06/13 15:30-16:20 Recent Works on Design of Experiments

題 目:Recent Works on Design of Experiments

主講人: Dr. Dennis K.J. Lin (林共進教授)
University Distinguished Professor, Penn State University, USA

時 間:106年6月13日(星期二)下午15:30-16:20

地 點:交大綜合一館427室

摘  要:

Computer models are often used to describe complicated physical phenomena encountered in science and engineering. It has become routine practice for most scientific investigation.  These programs, due to the number and complexity of the equations, may have long running times. Specially-designed experiment is required to run these computer experiments much more efficiently.  In this talk, I plan to present some recent research projects in design of experiment (mostly relevant to computer experiment) from my research group.  This includes, Design for On-Line Experiment, t-covering array, Order of Addition (OofA) experiment, New type of composite design,Fake Factor design, Run order consideration, as well as come new developments on Latin Hypercube design. For each subject, the general idea will be introduced, some initial results will be presented, and future research issues will be discussed.