TitleNameAreas of ResponsibilityExtensionEmailDeputy
Postdoctoral Research FellowPei-Chin Lu, PhDInstitutional research and statistical analysis50175 Yu-Hua Chen, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Yu-Hua Chen, PhDEducational Psychology, Psychological and educational testing50171Hui-Tzu Chang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research FellowHui-Tzu Chang, PhDInstitutional Research,test and statistics50174Pei-Chin Lu, PhD
Project AssistantJou-Yun Su1.Projects related to recruiting & supporting Low-SES students
2.Administrative support
50172Wei-Chen Chen
Project AssistantWei-Chen ChenIntegration of university rankings ,Integration of Financial Planning and performance report ,Administrative support50173
Yu-Jiun Liu
Project AssistantYu-Jiun LiuDatabase construction , data management , Information Security Engineerr50177Wei-Chen Chen