The GoFly Program

With the advancement of society, humanistic care and social harmony are increasingly highly regarded, in particular with respect to the care of disadvantaged groups in the society. In the educational field, due to the influence of the social economic situation in recent years, the number of disadvantaged students gradually grows, and support for the disadvantaged also turns to be one major item in higher education policy. In coordination with the policy of the Ministry of Education to encourage national universities to recruit disadvantaged students, the NCTU has begun to recruit more economically disadvantaged students from the academic year of 2015, providing them with better educational resources and thereby fulfilling social justice. Meanwhile, in order to strengthen our coaching mechanisms for the learning and daily living of disadvantaged students, the “Funding Program for Study Coaching for Disadvantaged University and College Students by the Ministry of Education” (the GoFly Program) was particularly developed. With this program, complete coaching mechanisms for learning/internship/employment are expected to be established to provide disadvantaged students with substantial help such that they may successfully graduate and be employed.